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A Quick Guide to The Types of RVs

If you are looking to buy an RV, there are many options to choose from. Whether you are going on a long road trip or going camping at a few RV campgrounds for vacation, it’s important to know the different models of RVs and have an idea about which one suits you and your needs. Some are great for large families, while others are meant to be used by a solo traveler. There’s an RV for everyone and their traveling situations. Here is a quick guide to a few types of RVs, which are all great for RV camping.


This type is dominant in the RV industry due to its power and large size. It is also the most expensive option in the market right beside toterhomes. They also have four different classes, which include A, B, B+, and C. They all have their pros and cons and offer a different number of features and sizes. If you are considering the most common and versatile RV to exist, the motorhome might be for you.


As mentioned earlier, a toterhome can be quite expensive like the motorhome. It is literally a home on wheels that can cost up to a half a million dollars and even more. From top to bottom, a toterhome is fully equipped and can have some of the most luxurious features an RV can offer.

Diesel Pusher

With its engine located in the rear, this is still considered a motorhome. A diesel pusher tends to be one of the largest offered in the market with the strongest horsepower. It is quite expensive like the toterhome and serves as the ideal option for people who want to permanently live a life on the road.

Travel Trailer

This type is good if you are just starting out the RV life. There are many size ranges with several features and amenities. This is a great option to go with if you’re on a budget. It is also one of the most popular options in the market.

Expandable Travel Trailer

This is a hybrid of a travel trailer and a pop-up camper and has a wide variety of sizes, features, and luxuries. Once it’s parked, you can have more space from the pop-up feature. These are great for people who plan to settle down for a few months.

5th Wheel

In terms of its size and features, a 5th wheel RV is similar to other types of RVs except that they are much wider. It has a fifth wheel, so it can withstand carrying more weight.


This is considered the best option to go with if you are just starting out. It could be a pop-up camper or a truck camper. Either or, it provides a solid idea of camping for beginners. They are less expensive than most options, but still, give you a great experience.