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A Simple and Basic Camping Checklist for Beginners

Whether you have been camping a million times or never have before, it’s always important to bring all the items necessary for an outdoor adventure. Forgetting something can turn out to be a disaster. Once you are out in the woods, there is rarely ever a chance to stop by a store and buy something. As a beginner, you most likely won’t be needing the fancy, hi-tech items that some experienced campers use. Here is a list of some of the basics you are going to need for your camping trip.


This one is obviously needed if you are going tent camping, but if you are going RV camping, you don’t need this. Purchase a tent that suits the size of your group. One that is waterproof would be best. Make sure you know how to set it up before you go on the trip to save time and be more prepared.

Pocket Knife

You are going to be using this more often than you would think. It is essential to have this with you in your camping bag at all times. Make sure you can place it in a pocket where it can be accessed easily in any situation. You can also carry scissors along with you too just in case.

Hiking Boots

No sneaker is going to do you well on a hike no matter how comfortable or durable it is. You are going to need a good pair of hiking boots. You never know when you might step on something sharp, so it is best to be cautious about things like this.

First Aid Kit

Camping trips can come with many minor injuries like scratches, burns, and cuts. Having a first aid kit will aid you in these obstacles. Carry it with you at all times even when you go on a hike or an excursion.

Sun Protection

The sun may very well be your worst enemy on the entire trip. Don’t forget to pack hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses to avoid sunburn.

Matches or Lighters

Fire may be your best friend while on a camping trip. It can be used not only for warmth and cooking but also as a signal in an emergency situation. Having easy access to matches and lighters is important.

Extra food

Sometimes you might make some changes while on your trip or you might get hungry while on an excursion. Pack some extra snacks that have high nutritional value to keep up your energy throughout the day. Granola bars, fruit, trail mix, nuts, and sandwiches are all great options.


When you are out in the woods at night, your phone flashlight is not going to be of much help. Purchase a flashlight or lantern with a bright bulb that will allow you to see into the distance.

Warm Outerwear

It is important to be prepared for changes in weather. Pack jackets, gloves, and hats that have good insulation because you never know when the temperature might drop.