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Camping by Wekiva River

Going camping is a great way to take a break from work and enjoy the fresh air with your family. Whether it is your first time camping or your twentieth time there are always fun new things to try or a chance to get better at the outdoor activities you love to do. When deciding where you want to go camping you want to make sure the site has a variety of activities available. Here are a few things camping by the Wekiva River has to offer.


Nothing is more refreshing than swimming in natural spring water. Wekiva River is attached to an easily accessible spring in Wekiva Falls. It is bigger than the others, and because it is privately owned, it will have fewer people. Wekiva Fall’s spring has water entering through a waterfall with two water slides beside it. A dip in the spring is a great way to cool off on a hot day and is a fun thing to do with your kids. If you need a break from the water, you can lay out on their beach and work on your tan.


Wekiva has many streams that connect to one another and are perfect for someone who wants to go on an adventure. Wekiva Falls RV Resort has canoes and kayaks you can rent if you do not have your own. The canoes have three-seater and two-seater options but if you are looking to paddle alone you can get a single person kayak. If you want to go with your kids don’t worry, the river moves slowly by the RV Resort. Paddle up and down the stream or find a place to stop and go fishing. If you are above the age of 16 and below 65 you will need a fishing license and do not forget to bring your bait and tackle box.


If you are looking for something out of the water to do, you can find a trail at your site to go walking or biking. Wekiva Falls RV Resort has over three miles of paved roads throughout the park to enjoy.

Whether you want to stay on site or find a trail nearby, walking or biking is a great way to get some exercise while enjoying the beautiful sites around you. Going for a walk around your site will give you a chance to see what the campsite has to offer and what kind of fun activities are around.


Whether you want to go rustic in tents or take it easy in an RV, it is up to you. Tent camping is perfect if you want to gather around the campfire with your family and roast smores. There are options to consider when going tent camping. You can go more primitive and get a site further away or you can have a site with electric. Although RV camping is less connected with nature, it is a great way to disconnect from the world and live a little more minimalistic for a couple of days.


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How to Start RVing With Your Family

RV camping with your family is a fun experience where you can detach from technology and bond with your family. More and more families are deciding to camp or live in an RV because they love that they can get closer with their family and make memories while still having fun. Whether you want an RV to vacation with or to live in you will want to make sure you pick the perfect fit for you and your family. Here are a few tips to help you get started with your RV adventure.

Go for a test run

Before buying an RV, you should figure out what kind you like and the best way to do that is by trying them out. Rent an RV for a weekend and head to a campground with your family. Look for a campground near home so you do not need to drive too far. It will also be nice to be close to home in case something goes wrong.

Try a Park Model RV

In order to get used to the lifestyle of camping in an RV, you will want to work your way up with practice. Park Model RVs are more like a cabin with larger space and more included. This will give you the chance to try out the RV lifestyle without having to fully commit. This will help you decide if RV camping is right for you and will give you a better idea of what you will need.

Find your perfect RV

Once you decide that RV life is right for you, it is time to find your RV. There are many different types and styles to choose from so it is important you do your research and look at all types. Go to your local dealer to be able to see the different layouts first-hand. Find the perfect size and floor pattern for you and your needs.

Make a plan

Now that you have your RV you should decide what kind of camping experience you want. You may want to go cross country or stay at a local campground. You can decide if you want a minimalist experience or if you want a full-service resort. You can also decide if you want to tow a car to unhook when you get to your site for sightseeing or a local trip. RVs are perfect for adventures because they can be used in different ways to help you get the best experience.

Check out RV shows

RV shows are a great way to get insider tips and to see what is new in the RV world. You can check out different RVs in all styles available. There will also be representatives from campgrounds so you can talk to them and learn about new ones to try out. RV shows also have showcases of products that you may want while RVing.


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Why You Should Forget the Hotel and Take an RV Vacation Instead

Hotels can be very overpriced and can limit you and your family or friends from doing certain activities. You might have thought about taking an RV vacation before, but it never happened. Well, it should. Here is why you should ditch the hotel idea, and go on an RV vacation instead.

You Can Still Have Home with You

RV Camping gives you the best of both worlds. Yes, you are away from your house and on the road, but you still get to have the comfort of a kitchen, bed and seating area. RVs come in many different weights and sizes. Whether you decide to buy or rent, most of them come with all the basic necessities, and you can definitely find the perfect RV that suits you and your family.

Experience Nature

If you haven’t gotten the chance already, you should take you and your family out to see nature. The best part is that you still have the comfort of a home with you while being able to visit all kinds of RV parks, national parks, campgrounds and famous landmarks. Take the opportunity to get away from the city or suburbs and reconnect with the beautiful things the planet has to offer. It never hurts to get a few breaths of real, fresh air.

Activities are Endless

The best thing an RV offers is that you can do almost any outdoor activity with no limitations. Some hotel resorts have outdoor activities too, but there are always limits to them like the times they’re open and the options that are offered.

When you go on an RV trip, you have full access to do the activities you want whenever you want. Take the entire family hiking, water rafting, fishing and canoeing. You can even go for a swim in fresh water, ride bikes wherever you want and play sports like soccer or golf. Just make sure to be aware of certain rules and regulations if you are at a campground or national park.

The Lifestyle Brings People Together

Experiencing the outdoor environment and doing activities that are completely different from the regular routines at home can bring people together. Friends and relatives of any age can enjoy nature and connect with each other on a different level.

Distractions like the internet and TV are not going to be that easy to access when you are out in nature. Eliminating these things can grow better relationships with people.

More to Explore

You are going to be driving an RV, which means you can go absolutely anywhere. You could spend one day here and three days there. A hotel room limits you to the distance you can travel and the places you could explore. Everything you need is in your RV plus you have endless roads that could lead to your next big adventure.

Cook While on Vacation

This is helpful if you have a certain diet or allergies that limit your food options. Usually, a hotel room only has a microwave and a mini-fridge, and buying food every day can be expensive. With an RV, you can have a stove and a fridge to cook your favorite meals on the road.


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Helpful Tips for Cooking on a Camping Trip

When you’re adventuring outdoors, there is so much more to eat than the pretzels, sandwiches and granola bars you grabbed from your pantry at home. While this may not be the same as cooking in your cozy and convenient kitchen, you can still make great food outdoors. Read these tips and you won’t have to eat unhealthy snacks and campsite food on your excursion. Here are some helpful tips to cook while on a camping trip.

Prep Your Meals in Advance

If you and your family or friends are using camping tents, chopping tomatoes and slicing meat are not going to be that easy, even on a picnic table. You can save time, energy and space by prepping your meals beforehand. This is much more convenient and you don’t have to worry about bringing a cutting board and a massive kitchen knife along with you.

Measure, wash and cut up any ingredients you need and place them in small containers and plastic bags. When you’re ready, start a fire and cook them in a pan, and you now have easy access to a delicious meal.

You Can Survive on Simplicity

When going camping, it is not going to be necessary to bring every spice in your cabinet and every vegetable in your refrigerator. You and your family can still survive on one-pot meals, chicken and rice. Depending on your cooking expertise, this might not be ideal for you, but it’s still better than eating a ham sandwich and crackers for dinner.

Only Pack the Necessities

You don’t need to bring a giant wok or tons of knives to cook. A spatula, portable stove or fire-making tools, non-stick pan and a small pot will allow you to cook plenty of meals. If it’s not too messy or greasy, you can clean these items with a simple wipe of a wet cloth. Just make sure they all have non-stick material.

Pack Aluminum Foil

If you really want to cook outdoors, aluminum foil is going to be your friend that won’t take up too much room in your bag. It comes in handy if you want to cook root vegetables like potatoes. Just wrap it in aluminum foil and place it in a campfire. This is a great source for carbs and fiber and goes well with any dish.

Bring a Cooler

Add frozen meat to your cooler as a way to keep it nice and cold for your drinks or vegetables. By the time you are ready to have dinner, the meat will be defrosted and ready to be cooked.

Even with these tips, cooking fresh meals in the woods is going to be a little more inconvenient, especially if you’re tent camping. However, it’s not impossible. At least you can save yourself some energy and make your life a little easier.

If you are looking for a fantastic campground and RV resort destination, visit for more information.


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7 Tips for Christmas Camping

If you’re looking for a fun new thing to do during Christmas, consider going camping. Camping is a great way to bond with your friends and family and is sure to make it a Christmas you won’t forget. Here are a few tips to help make your Christmas camping fun and stress-free.

Arrive early

Beat the crowd and the traffic by arriving a day or two early. This will give you time to settle in before everyone else starts to get there. This will also give you a chance to find the best spot and enjoy the quiet while there are still only a few people there.

Go further in

The easier it is to get to the site, the more people there will be. If you go further in it is likely you will miss most of the crowd and get a little peace and quiet. Just remember if you are further away to get some quiet there may be others there too for the same reason. Be mindful of others and respect your surroundings.

Shop at home

Avoid the long lines and stress that comes with waiting till the last minute and shop before you leave for the campground. It is also possible that stores around the campsite might not have everything you want, or it may be more expensive. Skip the hassle of being left unprepared by shopping at your local store.


If you are there for a couple of nights try to get to know the people in the sites around you. It is likely you will be surrounded by other families so make the best of it and get to know them. They may have discovered a hidden gem that you would not have known about on your own or have fun games you can join in on.

Get gifts that can be used

If you have children try to find a gift you can give them that they can enjoy while camping. Giving them something that can’t be used until they are home may take the excitement out of opening their gift. Best of all if they are entertained with their new gift you can sit back and relax.


Just because you are camping doesn’t mean you have to enjoy Christmas any less. Create a Christmas dinner that can be enjoyed while camping to get everyone in the spirit. Use festive plates and cups and throw in a few jolly treats for dessert. Nothing says Christmas like hot chocolate and cookies. You can even find a small Christmas tree at the dollar store to bring with you for Santa to leave presents by.

Pack Warm

If it is Christmas time it is likely to be colder than what you are used to when camping. Make sure to pack a heavy sleeping bag or extra blankets to keep you warm while you are at the campsite. Layers are key to staying warm and if you can’t have too many layers on during the day, when you get back to your site put some on so you can preserve the heat you generated during your travel.


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Tips for Camping in the Winter

Pack Warm

When deciding what to pack think layers, a lot of layers. This is for clothes and for sleep. If your sleeping bag is not heavy enough make sure to pack extra blankets but make sure to check to see if they will fit in the sleeping bag. Next, you want your boots to not only be waterproof but also warm, the warmer the boots the fewer layers of socks you will have to wear. If you need to wear more than one pair of socks check that your feet can still fit into your boots. Don’t forget to pack gloves, scarves, and hats to keep every part of you warm.

Pack the right gear

Look into three-season sleeping bags and tents. These will be perfect to keep you dry and warm as long as there isn’t heavy snow. Gas stoves are recommended for camping in the winter but basic alcohol or canister stoves will often be enough. A secret tip is to put the cartridges in your sleeping bag or coat to warm them up before use. Although you may not expect to need it, bring sunblock and sunglasses. Snow reflects the sun and can burn you if you are not taking preventive measures. Finally pack lights and lots of batteries. The nights are longer in the winter and you will want to be able to make your way around the campsite and tent.

Keeping warm at the campgrounds

After going on a hike put on warm clothes. It is easier to stay warm than to re-warm and you will want to preserve the heat you generated during the hike. If there is snow on the ground when setting up your site flatten snow with boots or shovel before pitching your tent. Plan to be in your sleeping bag for most of the night. It will be cold, and you will probably want to stay bundled up especially once the sun goes down. Plan fun activities you can do while sitting down like board games or a book. If the cold begins to be too much go for a walk or run around in place to generate metabolic heat and to get your blood circulating. When you wake up the last thing you will want to do is leave the warmth of your sleeping bag. It is suggested to get up and go for a short walk or jog to get yourself warmed up to make it easier to get a start to your day.


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Tips for Camping During the Holidays

Nothing brings a family together like a cold night and a warm fire. If you are planning to go camping during the winter holidays keep in mind that there are a few extra steps you will have to take. Here are a few tips to help make your camping trip stress-free.

Book Early

Campgrounds can get busy around holidays so if you want to secure a site you need to make a reservation. To have the best chance of getting a spot call as early as you can, especially if you want to be able to pick your spot. If you are going with a group and want your sites next to each other, make your reservation early.

Be mindful of traffic

With everyone traveling for the holidays you will want to leave for the campground early or find a place to stay nearby. Not only will you be dealing with traffic from those also going camping, but you will also have people on the road trying to get home for the holidays.

Leave your pets

If you are going to be camping during the new year be prepared for fireworks and sparklers. If your pet gets scared by fireworks, you may want to consider leaving them at home. If people have fireworks at the campsite you will not be able to bring them into a house to escape the noise.

Shop ahead of time

With children out of school for the holidays, lots of families take advantage of the free-time. Everyone shops ahead of time for their trips so if you wait too long everything you need might be sold out. Make sure to check all of your camping equipment to make sure you aren’t having to make any last minute trips to the store to get flashlights or batteries.

Keep track of the weather

When it comes to camping it is very important to keep an eye on the weather leading up to your trip. You do not want to be surprised by heavy snow or freezing temperatures. If you are going to be camping in snow or shine make sure you have the right equipment packed so that your trip can be enjoyable for you and your family. The colder it is going to be the more layers you should pack.

Make it festive

Toss aside the plain paper plates and cups and bring something a little more festive. Create holiday spirit with holiday-themed paper products so that even if you are not having a traditional holiday you still get to enjoy it. Bring hot cocoa and candy canes or plan a fun dessert that will make the day feel special and will get everyone in a jolly mood.


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Life Hacks to Enhance the Fun on a Camping Trip

Camping is already an exciting and wonderful activity on its own. Getting to spend time with friends and family while experiencing the beauty of nature is the perfect holiday getaway. However, this does take quite a lot of preparing and energy especially if you have kids on the trip. Sometimes it can get a little stressful. Here is a guide of life hacks to make up for the inconveniences and enhance the fun on your camping trip.

Quick Breakfast

This one is especially helpful if you are tent camping. Save some extra time and hassle by cracking your eggs in a container and keeping them in a cooler until you are ready to use them in the morning. For some quick scrambled eggs, shake the jar and pour them into the pan.

Easy Fire Starter

Starting a fire can sometimes be difficult, especially with moist wood. You can bring an instant fire starter with you straight from your house. Take out the lint from your dryer and place it inside a toilet paper tube. When the time comes to start a fire, place the tube at the bottom of the wood stack and light it. You can also use hand sanitizer to start a fire instantly.

Portable Bathroom

Campgrounds normally have bathrooms, but when it’s late at night, it’s much easier to use the restroom that is right next to you. Attach a toilet seat to a bucket and line it with a garbage bag. Then, add cat litter and you now have an easy access bathroom 24/7.

Have a Scavenger Hunt

This one is going to be for the kids. Sometimes they don’t appreciate nature and the outdoors, so you have to find a way to have them enjoy it. You can make a scavenger hunt for them, and tell them there’s a prize at the end for some extra motivation.

DIY Lantern

When it gets dark, you can make your very own lantern with a container or jug of water by strapping a headlamp at the bottom of it. It may not be as bright as an actual LED lantern or flashlight, but it is definitely a useful alternative.

Make a Pillow

Pillows are big and tend to take up space in your bags. You can make a pillow instantly by placing clothes or towels inside your sleeping bag sack.

Save Your Phone

If you spilled water all over your phone or dropped it in a river, place it in a bag of rice for a day or two. This one is not guaranteed, but it can work if you cross your fingers hard enough.

Bring Games

There will be times when you and your friends or family just need to relax by the campfire. Make this more exciting by bringing playing cards or board games. You could even come up with some on your own. This is a great way get cozy, have fun and bring everyone together.


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A Simple and Basic Camping Checklist for Beginners

Whether you have been camping a million times or never have before, it’s always important to bring all the items necessary for an outdoor adventure. Forgetting something can turn out to be a disaster. Once you are out in the woods, there is rarely ever a chance to stop by a store and buy something. As a beginner, you most likely won’t be needing the fancy, hi-tech items that some experienced campers use. Here is a list of some of the basics you are going to need for your camping trip.


This one is obviously needed if you are going tent camping, but if you are going RV camping, you don’t need this. Purchase a tent that suits the size of your group. One that is waterproof would be best. Make sure you know how to set it up before you go on the trip to save time and be more prepared.

Pocket Knife

You are going to be using this more often than you would think. It is essential to have this with you in your camping bag at all times. Make sure you can place it in a pocket where it can be accessed easily in any situation. You can also carry scissors along with you too just in case.

Hiking Boots

No sneaker is going to do you well on a hike no matter how comfortable or durable it is. You are going to need a good pair of hiking boots. You never know when you might step on something sharp, so it is best to be cautious about things like this.

First Aid Kit

Camping trips can come with many minor injuries like scratches, burns, and cuts. Having a first aid kit will aid you in these obstacles. Carry it with you at all times even when you go on a hike or an excursion.

Sun Protection

The sun may very well be your worst enemy on the entire trip. Don’t forget to pack hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses to avoid sunburn.

Matches or Lighters

Fire may be your best friend while on a camping trip. It can be used not only for warmth and cooking but also as a signal in an emergency situation. Having easy access to matches and lighters is important.

Extra food

Sometimes you might make some changes while on your trip or you might get hungry while on an excursion. Pack some extra snacks that have high nutritional value to keep up your energy throughout the day. Granola bars, fruit, trail mix, nuts, and sandwiches are all great options.


When you are out in the woods at night, your phone flashlight is not going to be of much help. Purchase a flashlight or lantern with a bright bulb that will allow you to see into the distance.

Warm Outerwear

It is important to be prepared for changes in weather. Pack jackets, gloves, and hats that have good insulation because you never know when the temperature might drop.


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Cooking while Camping

Although the idea of cooking a meal while camping can seem daunting if you are RV-camping it makes it a lot easier. Here are a few tips to make cooking while camping a breeze.

Make a list

Cooking while camping, or anywhere away from your kitchen can be hard. Making a list helps relieve the stress of losing track of what you need. Go step-by-step through every meal you plan to cook and make sure you have everything you need from ingredients to appliances. Once you pack you can go back to your list and double check that you have everything you need.

Prep as much as you can

Working out of your kitchen is hard, try to do as much prep work as you can while you’re still home. This will make it a little easier and will also give you one less thing to worry about when cooking at the campsite. Another benefit of prepping beforehand is that when you get hungry you can start cooking right away.

Pack smart

You will want to bring a cooler, or a few depending on how long you are planning on staying. Freeze anything you can, this will preserve the items and can be used as ice packs. Put the big pieces of ice on the bottom and layer cubes throughout. Make sure to layer your food by when you will be using them, putting the items you will need sooner on the top. Leave delicate items on top to make sure they remain safe.

Have a hearty breakfast

Breakfast is the time you can go big without a lot of works. Pancakes or eggs are easy to make and are always crowd favorites.

Create to-go lunches

Usually, during lunchtime, you will not be by your campground, so you need to make sure you pack lunches that can be taken on the go. Pack bags of nuts, cheese or fruit that can be easily eaten in any setting as well as sandwiches for moments you can take a break and sit down. Sandwiches are easily made and can be packed in your bag without taking up much room.

Make a customizable dinner

By the time dinner rolls around everyone will be hungry and tired and if you come with a big group that can mean cooking for a while. A great way to satisfy everyone is planning a dinner that can be customizable, even better one that can be made by everyone. Pizza cooked on a cast-iron skillet is a fun dinner where people can pick their toppings. Another option is a foil-packet dinner where everyone can put together a mix of vegetables and proteins to put in the fire to cook.

Don’t forget about dessert

Dessert sitting by the fire is what everyone looks forward to when camping. S’mores are easy to make and always a favorite. You can make them your own by adding a twist with something as easy as using a different kind of chocolate or adding another ingredient.

Bring drinks

If you’re going to be drinking water all day while hiking or doing other activities, you will want to bring other drinks you can have with your meals. Basics like coffee, juice or milk can make your breakfast a lot more enjoyable. Bring hot chocolate for the nights when it gets cold to sip on by the fireplace and for the adults some cocktails.