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Valuable Family Camping Preparation Tips and Tricks

Spending your next family getaway outdoors is the perfect way to create lasting memories and strengthen the bond with your children through various activities. If you want to achieve an unforgettable experience, you must prepare for your trip and the unexpected circumstances that may arise with it. Here are some helpful tips and tricks for your next family camping trip.

1. Attend a Workshop

Some outdoor recreation retailers like Bass Pro Shops offer classes and seminars on outdoor activities and camping in general. You will have an opportunity to learn basic and important skills. RV and camping shows are also great resources and you can even check out some RVs and trailers if your family wants to try RV camping.

2. Test your Tent

If you decide to go with tent camping, purchase a tent large enough for your family to stay in and don’t forget sleeping bags. Test out the tent in the backyard with your children to help them feel comfortable and make sure everything is functioning properly.

3. Know the Campground

Each campground has different policies, so remember to read them before you take off. Maybe you might want to bring the family dog. Despite being outdoors, not all campgrounds allow pets. Also, know the length and width of your tent and vehicle because these may end up exceeding the limits.

4. Register in Advance

Depending on the park, you may have to register in advance, especially when traveling with your family. Many campgrounds and national park sites have first-come, first-serve registration, so planning the trip a week or two before is not a good idea.

5. Try One-Night Camping

This one is especially for the kids. Not all of them appreciate being outdoors as it can be uncomfortable at times. To avoid a stressful trip, plan a camping night in your backyard and provide them with the full outdoor experience as best as you can. Discuss with them about what they will get to do on the trip to help ease them into the process. Some state parks and local campgrounds, like the Wekiva Falls RV Resort, allow one-night and weekend stay that allow families to get a taste of the camping experience.

6. Pack Smart

Family camping requires a great amount of time packing, and you can’t afford to forget something. Some essentials include plastic cups, snacks, utensils, containers, water bottles, a first aid kit, flashlights, batteries, diapers and other changing supplies for infants, hand sanitizer, medications and bug spray.

7. Add Some Extra Fun

There will be plenty of things to do on the campsite, but it doesn’t hurt to bring a few extra items just for the kids. Some items you can take include soccer balls, volleyballs, frisbees, a notebook and colored pencils, jars and cases for catching bugs, playing cards, buckets, shovels, and bikes. You may want to take some time to just relax and let your kids feel free to do things they personally enjoy, so bringing these items will fulfill days like these.