Wevika Falls July 27, 2018 0

Cast A Line Off Our Docks

For many people, camping and fishing go hand in hand. Wekiva Falls features one of the richest freshwater fishing locations in central Florida. For most, fishing gear is one of the first things that get packed for a camping trip.

If you’ve never been fishing before, you may be intimidated and hesitate to cast your own line out into the Wekiva River. Luckily, it’s much easier than you may think. Fishing is a great way to add excitement to your camping trip, a great way to get the kids off their electronic devices and out into the fresh air. On top of that, fishing can be a great way to relax and spend some quality alone time to reflect.

However, if you happen to be starting from scratch and want to add fishing to your next camping trip, you will need some very basic (and cheap) gear. There are plenty of different models and types of fishing reels and rods, but the best place to start for a beginner is a simple spin cast reel. A spin cast reel is by far the easiest to learn how to use and the most novice-friendly type of fishing reel. You just press and hold down the button, cast the pole towards the water, release the button once your bait hits the water, then wait! There is virtually no risk of a messy tangle in your line

If you’re bringing a few younger campers to fish alongside you, spin cast reels also come in kid-friendly sizes. The reduced size makes it much easier for smaller hands.

Alongside your new rod and reel, you’ll also need a basic tackle. Tackle is the word fishermen use to refer to all the gear necessary to go fishing. Items like hooks, sinkers, and bobbers should be in your tackle box. You won’t need much to get started, so don’t be surprised if you come away spending far less than you expected.

The most basic setup (and the most recommended) for beginners is a standard bobber rig. A bobber rig is a small plastic float attached above the hook on your fishing line that keeps your bait in eye line of fish near the surface of the water. This setup is perfect for beginners. As soon as a fish tugs on your line, the bobber will bounce and duck under the surface of the water. This is your cue to try and pull your catch in before it can wriggle off the hook.

The last piece of advice that we will leave you with is to be patient, relax, enjoy the outdoors, and have fun out there. Fishing isn’t about catching the most fish or even the biggest fish. Fishing is all about enjoying the great outdoors, taking in nature, and having fun with your friends and family. Expect to get your line tangled once or twice or get your hook caught in some underwater driftwood, or run out of bait. But also expect to experience the rush of catching a few fish and have a lot of fun! You may discover a new lifelong hobby that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.