Wevika Falls August 9, 2018 0

Take in the Fresh Air and Sunshine

Hiking is a beloved past time by many. Any morning you can look up your local mountain and see a steady stream of hikers along the trail. There’s something about being on the trail, feeling the wind brush against your skin and the sun beat against your back, that feeling has hikers constantly going back for more.

Here are a few reasons hiking should become your new past time. If it already is, I’m sure you can relate to these.

1. There’s only you and the land

Nothing else really matters when you are hiking in Florida, along the water or around a loop. The world seems to come to a standstill where your next step is really the only thing that matters.

2. You are surrounded by nature

Birds chirping, squirrels skittering along branches, tree leaves blowing in the wind. It’s a refreshing escape from day to day life.

3. It’s a great exercise

You know you’re going to be feeling the burn tomorrow. But at least you’re getting some amazing cardio in.

4. You can go alone or in a group

There are no rules to hiking, really. If you want to find inner peace on a trail, by all means, go alone as long as you go safely. If you’re looking for your group’s next social media worthy photo, then get your group of friends together and hit the trails!

5. Adventure is right around the corner

You never know what you’re going to encounter when you start a hike! You may find a sandhill crane along the trail, and maybe even 50 feet later encounter otters in the water. You may even encounter one of our rare Florida thunderstorms (kidding!). There’s really no way to predict what adventure your hike will bring you.

6. The feeling of accomplishment right after a hike

When can I go again!