Wevika Falls February 18, 2019 0

How to Make the Perfect RV Packing List

When getting ready for RV family vacations you will want to create a packing list according to the season. This will help make things easier for the rest of the season and all your trips. It is easy to forget something that is important, so creating a list is your best bet to have a stress-free RV camping experience.

Customize your List

Online you can find hundreds of different packing lists but not everyone is the same and not everyone needs the same things. When going through lists make sure to add anything you think you might want while you’re on your trip. Not everyone has the same sized RV and can’t fit the same amount of stuff. If you don’t have enough room for everything on the list don’t stress. Take things off that you know don’t apply to your family. If a list says to pack bikes or fishing equipment but you know you will not have the time or the interest don’t pack it. Don’t feel like you need to have everything to have fun.

Specify your list

When making a list of what to pack just writing shirts or pants is only the first step. You need to be as specific as possible when making your list so when it comes time to pack you know exactly what to grab and how much of it. When packing clothes think about which shirts you will want to pack and how many outfits or underwears you will need to pack. Figure out how often you plan on doing laundry so you can pack enough clothes to make sure no one is left without something to wear. Deciding all of this now will make packing go by a lot smoother and will keep you from forgetting something important.

Update your list

Between each trip, you should go over your list. Now that you have experience and know what you used and what you didn’t you will have a better idea of what to have on your list. It is very likely that during your trip there was a moment that you wished you had something that you didn’t pack. As long as you have room for it in your RV you should add it to your list.

There will also be items that you decided you don’t need. Whether it is games that no one touched or an outfit you never have the opportunity to wear, there is no harm in deciding to not bring it on your next trip. During your trips keep a running list of anything you should add or remove. This will make sure you don’t forget it before you get home and get a chance to adjust your packing list. Once you are done fixing your list, check to make sure you have everything in your RV.