Wevika Falls April 8, 2019 0

How to Plan Your First RV Trip

Ready to plan your RV-Camping trip? There’s nothing quite like piling into a beautiful RV and hitting the road with friends and family. Gone are the days of cramped cabins and uncomfortable bunks. Today’s RV’s come with amenities that would rival most hotels.

With RV models of all shapes in sizes available in every budget from micro-motorhomes to luxury coaches, it’s no wonder why families are trading in the expensive theme parks and plane tickets for a more budget-friendly RV experience.

Here are a few ways to make sure your very first RV trip to Wekiva Falls Campground and Resort goes off without a hitch.

Pick Your People
Traveling in an RV is an intimate experience so you’ll want to choose your travel mates carefully! Think about it like this: who would make a good roommate? Because you’re sleeping in the same space that you’re traveling in! Pick people who you truly enjoy being around, who you can express yourself with, and will make for a memorable trip!

Pick a Spot on the Map
When you get on a plane, you know you’re going from point A to point B, but an RV gives you freedom. Does something catch your eye? Well, pull over and check it out. See an interesting ice cream place on the side of the road? Well, stop and get a cone or two. It’s just you and the open road. Stop and stretch your legs, take photos next to state sites, get out there and have fun!

Deciding on an RV
The RV you decide to rent all comes down to how many people you’re bringing along on this trip. It determines if you’ll need a full kitchen or just a sink and a toaster oven, a luxury bathroom or a simple water closer, along with your storage needs, and sleeping arrangements.

Test Drive!
Most people don’t know you don’t need a special kind of state license to drive an RV. You just need a valid drivers license, to be over the age of 25, and be comfortable driving and parking. Remember, most RV’s can be 28 feet long! It’s easier than you think. Most rental facilities are more than happy to help you with test drives.

What to Pack
Like any trip, you don’t want to overpack. When it comes down to RV camping and tent camping you just need the essentials. Most rentals will come with linens, simple camping gear, and cooking utensils, just be sure to check with your rental facility to be sure, but if your rental doesn’t come with anything, some great essentials to pack include:

· A first-aid kit with an antiseptic solution
· Bandages
· Tablets: allergy, pain, indigestion, etc
· Bug spray
· Sunscreen
· Cutlery
· Bottled water
· Food (both perishable and shelf-stable)
· Blankets and linens
· Cleaning supplies
· A flashlight
· Bathroom supplies
· A variety of clothing options (hot, cold, swimwear, etc)
· Chargers or batteries for every electronic item (phones, cameras, etc.)

That’s it! You’re ready for your trip to Wekiva Falls RV Campgrounds in beautiful Central Florida. Your dream vacation is only a phone call away.