Labor Day at Wekiva Falls
Wevika Falls August 29, 2018 0

Labor Day at Wekiva Falls

The summer season is almost over, the kids have gone back to school, and before long the weather will start to get cooler.

We love this time of year because it means our annual Labor Day celebration is right around the corner. It’s our last big hurrah before the summer season takes its curtain call. A relaxing weekend filled with grilling delicious food, throwing a fishing line off our marina, a few nights of camping under the starts — and most importantly: hanging out with family and friends.

Here at Wekiva Falls, Labor Day weekend is the perfect time for camping.
You have a three day weekend, mom and dad don’t have to rush the kids off to school and hopefully the offices are closed so there’s no work either.
The whole family has the time for a quick getaway. We think three days is the perfect stretch of time to get away from home and set up at a local campground.

Summer road trips are great and all, but once you add up the hotel, travel, gas, and entertainment an easy weekend away can become a costly affair! Why not spend it outside? Early September brings a welcome and refreshing drop in temperature and humidity plus why travel and have to make all the plans? It’s called “Labor Day” for a reason. We celebrate the hard working American people. So go ahead and splurge with a weekend of camping!

From the comfort of your rig or tent, you’ll be able to do all of the classic Labor Day activities: firing up the grill, catching some fresh fish for dinner, and enjoying a cold drink or two. We have a full roster of activities planned too!

The coastal beaches are beautiful but take a trip inland and you’ll discover the cool, refreshing Florida springs without the big crowd of summer campers! The 70-degree fresh water is sure to be refreshing!

Are you the adventurous type who can’t wait to get outdoors and hike? Or is your perfect Labor Day weekend as simple as stretching out in a hammock between two trees with a book and a cocktail?

Do you want a resort-style vacation complete with a waterfall, pool, twin slides, a recreation hall, and a calendar of exciting activities? Or are you much happier getting off the grid for a while, getting away from reality, and boondocking in some remote, wild corner?

Wekiva Falls can satisfy all these needs and much more.

Whether you come for the day or for the weekend, we’re sure you’ll agree that Wekiva Falls is the best campground around.

Keep in mind, you only have three days for your Labor Day weekend getaway so plan ahead! Give us a call or book your stay right here on our website.

We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Happy Labor Day!