Wevika Falls April 29, 2019 0

Essentials List For Your Summer RV and Camping Adventure

Are you planning for your first-ever RV camping trip to Wekiva Falls RV Resort and Campgrounds but aren’t sure what to pack? We’ve got you covered.

Here’s a basic packing list for your Essential RV Camping Supplies

Kitchen Essentials
• Dutch Oven
• Skillet
• Bowls
• Pitcher
• Cutting Board
• Utensils: Spoons, Forks, and Knives

• Bleach
• Spo...

Wevika Falls April 24, 2019 0

Florida Camping: Essential Camping Tips for First-Timers

There are a lot of beautiful campgrounds to in the Central Florida area. Wekiva Falls is considered the crown jewel.

The Florida weather is just about perfect during our seasons. We have crisp hot afternoons for getting into the pool, and cool nights for gathering with friends.

One of those activities that are tailor-made for the fall in Florida is camping — especially tent camping. Whether you’re looking to try out a campground you’ve...

Wevika Falls April 22, 2019 0

How To Make Your RV Green

Driving an RV is an absolutely liberating experience. From family vacations to snowbirds visiting their favorite RV parks and campgrounds. But more than ever, campers are concerned about the environment. They want to decrease their footprint without giving up the open road.

This detailed guide will show you how to make your RV’s green and have a great camping trip without harming the environment.


Wevika Falls April 15, 2019 0

How To Upgrade Your RV On A Budget

So your RV has a few thousand miles on it. You’ve seen the California countryside, the Colorado Mountains, and the Florida Springs. Now it’s time to spruce up your treasured RV because buying a brand new camper is out of budget.

Here are a few of the options available to you.

1. Upgraded Paint
You can make your aging RV look brand new again with a simple coat of paint. A new paint...