Wevika Falls July 6, 2018 0

Events Happening at Wekiva Falls

Every year thousands of families, many of them repeat customers, find their way to Wekiva Falls to join us for loads of fun activities and visit nearby attractions.

Put those electronic devices down and enjoy all that Wekiva Falls has to offer together as a family!

Our camping season is full of fun planned events and activities for the whole family! Take a look at our calendar to see if there's a ...

Wevika Falls June 25, 2018 0

Kayaking at Wekiva Falls

Few activities give the outdoor enthusiast such a varied array of experiences as kayaking. Whether you are seeking the heart-stopping exhilaration of a roller coaster or the serenity and peace of getting lost in the moment, you can find your passion in a kayak.

There are many different types of kayaking. While whitewater kayaking involves navigating swift moving rivers, the waters at Wekiva Falls are...

Wevika Falls June 18, 2018 0

Soak up the Sun

During the summer, the hot spot is always somewhere near the water. It's an incredibly relaxing place to be, and a good beach-side spot is like a mini vacation all on its own! Here are some reasons why guests love to soak in the sun at Wekiva Falls.

1. Being beach-side is the ultimate relaxation zone. When you pull up to the water, it's only natural to want to unplug from the monotonous daily routine...

Wevika Falls June 11, 2018 0

Hunting Areas Near Wekiva Falls

Soon the temperatures will begin to ease from summer's heat and cool breezes will blow down from the hills and mountains. Before long, the urge to dress in bright orange will become irresistible. No, not for Halloween – for a great getaway to the wilderness! It's nearly time to gather your buddies and take to the woods for hunting, fishing, and laughs. Combine the all-time favorite activities of fishing, hunting, and hiking that makes Wekiva...