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7 Tips for Christmas Camping

If you’re looking for a fun new thing to do during Christmas, consider going camping. Camping is a great way to bond with your friends and family and is sure to make it a Christmas you won’t forget. Here are a few tips to help make your Christmas camping fun and stress-free.

Arrive early

Beat the crowd and the traffic by arriving a day or two early. This will give you time to settl...

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Tips for Camping in the Winter

Pack Warm

When deciding what to pack think layers, a lot of layers. This is for clothes and for sleep. If your sleeping bag is not heavy enough make sure to pack extra blankets but make sure to check to see if they will fit in the sleeping bag. Next, you want your boots to not only be waterproof but also warm, the warmer the boots the fewer layers of socks you will have to wear. If you need to wear more than one pair of s...

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Tips for Camping During the Holidays

Nothing brings a family together like a cold night and a warm fire. If you are planning to go camping during the winter holidays keep in mind that there are a few extra steps you will have to take. Here are a few tips to help make your camping trip stress-free.

Book Early

Campgrounds can get busy around holidays so if you want to secure a site ...

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Life Hacks to Enhance the Fun on a Camping Trip

Camping is already an exciting and wonderful activity on its own. Getting to spend time with friends and family while experiencing the beauty of nature is the perfect holiday getaway. However, this does take quite a lot of preparing and energy especially if you have kids on the trip. Sometimes it can get a little stressful. Here is a guide of life hacks to make up for the inconveniences ...