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Activities from Season to Season

At Wekiva Falls RV Resort located in Sorrento, FL there are so many unique activities! You will never get bored. From season to season, check out our summer or winter activities, or our very own water park, which we’re famous for, or even travel around Wekiva Falls and find out what local attractions are near us.

Water Park

Do you love the water? We do too! That’s why Wekiva Falls Resort delivers an unmatched pool and river experience. The Oval, our trademark waterfall, is so impressive that it acts as a water attraction all on its own. With residents purchasing a day-pass just for the chance to visit. Wekiva Falls has embraced our water park fans and created an experience that your family is sure to love.

Summer Activities

Everyone wants to go on the summer family vacation of their dreams. Whether it’s you and your partner, with your kids, or if you’re joining us with additional friends and family on the road. Finding the right summer destination that is both family-friendly and affordable, isn’t always as easy it should be. You want a destination that is quiet and comfortable with plenty of activities that everyone can take part in during any downtime. With so much to do during the day, you won’t know where to begin. That’s what draws thousands of guests in from every corner of the country for a summer at Wekiva Falls.

Taking a summer RV road trip is a dream for many. If it’s your first time RV camping, getting to your destination is half of the fun, but what will you do after you park at the campsite? That’s where the rest of your adventure begins! We offer the perfect summer getaway for friends and family.

Winter Activities

When the temperatures drop, our winter residents escape the winter cold by traveling south to Wekiva Falls. There’s nothing like having the ability to relocate yourself to a more pleasant climate, especially during winter when all the weather maps turn various shades of ice blue. Hundreds of families pack up their lives and hit the road to escape from bitter temperatures and long, dark winter days.

Our winter destination is ideal. For example, during winter the Southeast enjoys a warm tropical climate that lets you swap your thick overcoat and pants for shorts and sandals.

Do you enjoy the constant camaraderie of other RV’ers or do you prefer the peace of privacy? You can have either at Wekiva Falls.

Local Attractions

After the beautiful landscapes and incredible amenities, the deciding factor for many of our residents is our location. Wekiva Falls is seated between Daytona Beach and Orlando. We are a stone’s throw away from all the attractions. They’re all just around the corner. We’re also conveniently located next to the major interstate roads, giving you incredibly fast access to destinations like Disney World, Universal Studios, The Kennedy Space Center, Golf Courses, Sea World and more.