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Activities from Season to Season

At Wekiva Falls RV Resort located in Sorrento, FL there are so many unique activities! You will never get bored. From season to season, check out our summer or winter activities, or our very own water park, which we’re famous for, or even travel around Wekiva Falls and find out what local attractions are near us.

Water Park

Do you love the water? We do too! That’s why Wekiva Falls Resort delivers an unmatched pool and river experience. The Oval, our trademark waterfall, is so impressive that it acts as a water attraction all on its own. With residents purchasing a day-pass just for the chance to visit. Wekiva Falls has embraced our water park fans and created an experience that your family is sure to love.

Summer Activities

Everyone wants to go on the summer family vacation of their dreams. Whether it’s you and your partner, with your kids, or if you’re joining us with additional friends and family on the road. Finding the right summer destination that is both family-friendly and affordable, isn’t always as easy it should be. You want a destination that is quiet and comfortable with plenty of activities that everyone can take part in during any downtime. With so much to do during the day, you won’t know where to begin. That’s what draws thousands of guests in from every corner of the country for a summer at Wekiva Falls.

Taking a summer RV road trip is a dream for many. If it’s your first time RV camping, getting to your destination is half of the fun, but what will you do after you park at the campsite? That’s where the rest of your adventure begins! We offer the perfect summer getaway for friends and family.

Winter Activities

When the temperatures drop, our winter residents escape the winter cold by traveling south to Wekiva Falls. There’s nothing like having the ability to relocate yourself to a more pleasant climate, especially during winter when all the weather maps turn various shades of ice blue. Hundreds of families pack up their lives and hit the road to escape from bitter temperatures and long, dark winter days.

Our winter destination is ideal. For example, during winter the Southeast enjoys a warm tropical climate that lets you swap your thick overcoat and pants for shorts and sandals.

Do you enjoy the constant camaraderie of other RV’ers or do you prefer the peace of privacy? You can have either at Wekiva Falls.

Local Attractions

After the beautiful landscapes and incredible amenities, the deciding factor for many of our residents is our location. Wekiva Falls is seated between Daytona Beach and Orlando. We are a stone’s throw away from all the attractions. They’re all just around the corner. We’re also conveniently located next to the major interstate roads, giving you incredibly fast access to destinations like Disney World, Universal Studios, The Kennedy Space Center, Golf Courses, Sea World and more.


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Top 3 Reasons Why Millennials are Camping

When it comes to planning a trip, the most affordable option known is outdoor camping. Not only are you outside getting close to nature and soaking up the sun, but it is also proven even to reduce stress. Now, more and more people are expressing interest in camping, especially Millennials and Generation X. Here are the top three reasons why camping is rising in popularity among the younger generations.

According to the 2018 North American Camping Report, camping is rising in popularity across the United States and Canada. Reports show that “77 million U.S. households have someone who camps at least occasionally.” The report also shares that Millennials and Generation X make up three-quarters of all campers.

One main reason camping is popular to all is because it is a time to relax and escape busy work-life. However, it seems the increase of new, young campers are on the rise because of the unique camping accommodations acquired over the years, for instance, general access to camping, increased access to Wi-Fi, and cell service has been added. People who were never interested in spending time outdoors are now finding new innovative ways to camp without leaving their beloved technology.

Another reason camping is becoming popular is because you don’t have to live outside to call it camping. There are so many websites that offer living quarters for your camping trip. Campers can choose a tent, yurt, cabin, trailer, teepee, and so many other categories. With unlimited access to all these camping accommodations, it is no wonder why Millennials and Generation X are excited to try new ways to camp.

While camping is a way to escape busy work-life, people still want the option to be connected. Reports indicate 97% of campers bring some type of technology with them while camping. Although in the past it was enforced that bringing tech onsite would interfere with the camper’s safety and security, times have changed, and now smartphones are being used for safety purposes. Also, with the invention of smartphones, Millennials like to share photos and videos on social media of them camping.

Want to share your camping experience with your family and friends? Book your next camping adventure at Wekiva Falls RV Resort in Sorrento, FL.


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Camping Checklist: The 5 Essentials You Need to Pack for Your Next Adventure

Whether you’re looking to vacation in Orlando for the tourism or the weather, Wekiva Falls RV Resort is the best-kept secret for a quick getaway. Located between Orlando and Daytona, our Central Florida RV Park is surrounded by state-owned preserve land and only 5 miles from Sanford, FL. Our campground boasts over-sized RV Sites for big rigs and small. RV Camping and outdoor camping at Wekiva Falls RV Resort is the best value in Florida with excellent customer service.

However, before your next adventure at Wekiva Falls make sure that you are ready to go with these 5 essentials you’ll need to pack for your outdoor camping trip. Once you have these must-haves in your bag, you’re ready to have fun!

Camping Attire                                                                                                                                               

The first essential thing to pack is correct camping attire. This includes clothes like raincoats, windbreaker jackets, and even shoes like hiking boots. Unfortunately, your gym clothes like tights and basketball shorts won’t cut it for a camping trip in the wilderness. It is better to be safe than sorry, and if you are a Florida native, you understand how frequent it rains here, so choosing a raincoat over style is essential.

Insect Repellant                                                                                                                                             

The second essential item to pack is insect repellant. On your camping trip, you may be trying to get away from civilization, but keep in mind, the bugs won’t get that memo. The insect count in Florida is very high, due to its tropical climate; therefore, packing insect repellant is the best solution to avoid any mosquitoes, ticks, gnats, or anything that flies during your camping adventure.

Camping Tools                                                                                                                                                

The third essential items to pack are camping tools. Make sure you bring camping tools like a lantern, fire-starter, first aid kit, cooler, knife, sleeping bag with pillows, and reusable water bottle. These items are essential because it will make your camping life easy. It is best to be over prepared than not prepared at all.


The fourth essential item to pack, especially if you’re spending any time outside in Florida is sunscreen. Being near the equator makes Florida hot all year round, and its UV rays dangerous. Packing sunscreen will help minimize burns and even keep you cool on your camping trip!


The fifth and last essential item you need to pack on your camping trip is a quick setup tent. This is ideal for the modern camper, especially if this is your first time camping. This tent makes setup fast and easy and in just ten minutes, your living quarters for the next couple of days is ready to go, giving you and your family even more time to enjoy the great outdoors.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these five camping essential items you need to pack for your next camping adventure. Remember, it is important to be ready for anything. Be safe and of course, have fun!


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Enjoy the Water Park at Wekiva Falls

Who doesn’t love summer at the pool? A Wekiva Falls water park day pass is the perfect escape from the summer temperatures. There are plenty of ways for your family to make a splash at Wekiva Falls.

Summer fun for kids, teens and grown-ups alike, so for the young and young at heart who enjoy Florida sunshine, outdoors and water activities Wekiva Falls is the place for you.

The wide range of fun activities will make your camping experience complete so come spend the day with us at Wekiva Falls. Our weekends are literally packed with non-stop fun, there is always something for your entire family to enjoy. Relaxing for you, fun for the kids!

Get a blast of refreshing water as you and the kids twist and turn down one of our twin waterslides. Cool off under our 360-degree concrete waterfall and have the time of your life splashing around with your family!

The whole family can experience a variety of water fun. Enjoy the pool, the kiddie areas, twin water slides, bring blow-ups to float on, or take a lazy day out on the river.

Make your water park trip a vacation. Many come for the weekend for camping, fishing, arts and crafts, s’mores and so much more! Families never forget watching their little ones spend the day playing in the waters and splashing beneath our 360-degree waterfall.

The swimming lagoon is fed by a large sulfur spring and surrounded by a cement deck with lounge chairs and two beaches! It has shallow parts perfect for smaller kids and depths of 8-10 feet by the slides and spring. Even better, it’s open year round!

No summer day would be complete without a dip in our 72-degree natural spring. The minerals in the water feel just incredible against your skin.

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Camping Calls for Barbecue

Here’s the picture: You’re camping in the woods. Roughing it. You’re away from your kitchen, takeout, and even fast food. Does that scenario make you anxious? It shouldn’t because campfire cooking is easy—and safe—if you follow these expert tips.

Build the Right Fire

First things first: Never start a fire until you are sure you are building it in a safe place. If you don’t have a fire pit, look for a spot that’s free of loose dirt, grass, and debris within a 10-foot perimeter of your site. Scout for any tree roots, too, they can easily catch on fire, says Sarah Huck, coauthor of “Campfire Cookery: Adventuresome Recipes and Other Curiosities for the Great Outdoors” ($30, amazon.com). And steer clear of low-hanging branches. A good ground rule is to have three times the height of the fire in unobstructed overhead space.

Next step, says Huck: Determine the purpose of your campfire. If it will be used only for cooking, she recommends “the hunter’s fire”: position two ankle-thick pieces of dead, dry wood in a rough ‘V’ shape, with the sticks six to eight inches apart at the top and three to five inches apart at the bottom. Place tinder (Huck uses dry pine needles, moss, or crumpled newspaper) in the middle of the ‘V’. Using small pieces of bark wood or twig (between the thickness of a match and a piece of chalk), build a teepee around the tinder. Light and slowly feed the fire very dry logs that are about the size of your arm (Huck’s favorite type of wood is maple or oak; she says they are the most stable when burning).

If you’re looking to cook over a fire that will later be used for entertainment purposes (i.e., singing campfire songs, telling ghost stories), Huck recommends the traditional teepee method, which will burn longer and more steadily. Place the tinder in the middle of your designated fire zone and build a teepee of larger sticks around it. As the fire burns, continue to add bigger logs; carefully position them so that they angle toward the flames to avoid smothering the fire. Add one log at a time, allowing it to burn a bit before adding another; this way, you’ll avoid creating a fire that suddenly becomes unmanageable.

Get the Right Gear

The obvious probably bears repeating: Plastic can melt, so using metal utensils is crucial, says Julia Perry, an instructor for the REI Outdoor School in Chicago and the Wilderness Medicine Institute. For the same reason, she recommends skipping pots and pans with rubber-coated handles (instead, use an aluminum pot lifter, like Open Country Aluminum Pot Lifters, $4; REI.com). Your best bet is to go with utensils that are specifically made for the outdoors. Her pick: GSI Outdoors Pioneer Enamelware Chef’s Tools ($25 for a spoon, ladle, and spatula; REI.com).

Heavy-duty leather gloves and sturdy close-toed shoes that can take heat from close proximity to a campfire will also provide a layer of protection from hot surfaces, coals, and embers.

Pick Your Cooking Method

There are a variety of ways to cook over a campfire, depending on your food choice. Stick to good old-fashioned skewer cooking if you are planning to roast marshmallows or hot dogs. Want to barbecue? Swing a campfire-friendly metal grill grate over the flames. (The Texsport Heavy-Duty Swivel Grill can easily be staked into the ground and positioned over a fire pit at a height that’s optimal for safe campfire grilling; $44, amazon.com.) Paul Kautz, the creator of CampfireDude.com, likes cooking with a Dutch oven when camping; he feels the pot gives you about as much flexibility as cooking in the kitchen. Cast-iron Dutch ovens ($36, amazon.com) can be pretty heavy, so they are best suited for long-term stationary camping, he says. Choose an aluminum or hard anodized Dutch oven ($68 to $140, amazon.com) for more casual outings.

Know What Not to Cook

Foods that can create hot, drippy fat as they cook—duck breast, steak, bacon—may cause flare-ups and should be avoided, says Huck, even if you’re cooking them in a pan. If possible, forgo foods that need to be fried or call for any type of oil. If you must fry around the campfire, Huck suggests using a Dutch oven, which offers more reliable heat than a frying pan with added protection from splatters.

Know the “Danger Zone,” Too

Pulling raw meat or poultry out of your fridge for your outing? Make sure you keep the food well packed in ice leading up to grill time: Bacteria can grow dangerously on food that warms to between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, conditions that create a breeding ground for food-borne pathogens. Be sure to pack up leftovers promptly, too: Food should never sit out for more than two hours—or one hour, if the outdoor temperature is 90 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, says Shelley Feist, the executive director of the Partnership for Food Safety Education.

When grilling, always use a meat thermometer to ensure that you are cooking raw food to the appropriate temperature.

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Let’s Gather Around the Campfire

The light and the warmth and smell of a campfire gather people in. A fire reminds people of when they were younger, perhaps of singing together and making music, or of telling campfire stories. A campfire is also one of the oldest ways to cook food.

Almost everyone seems to have a recollection of eating something delicious cooked over fire. People feel strongly about campfires. Building a campfire at Wekiva Falls with your friends and family will become one of your favorite memories.

A campfire is such an old sign of human gathering that even today its power to signal community is undiminished. Wherever there is a campfire, one knows there are some people nearby. There also seems to be an ancient etiquette common to all cultures, that allows strangers to approach a fire. One can’t come right into the circle but one can draw near. At our park’s campfires, there is sometimes a whole second tier, an outer circle of passersby standing back a little way, just watching the fire for a while.

A campfire is less private than a picnic barbecue. For that reason, a campfire in a park is very suggestive of what is possible among strangers. It may be that most people living in cities treasure their privacy and their distance from one another, but for almost everyone that privacy sometimes feels like loneliness. For some people, the occasion of a campfire may make the awareness of bonds that have been lost more acute, for instance, if the fire evokes memories of village life in a different country.

But at the same time, many people, when they draw near a campfire, seem to feel that they can talk a little to the strangers near them, perhaps about some overlapping memories of other campfires. Even when there is no talk, but rather, a reflective silence — people staring into the flames — the campfire seems to make a connection between those around it, although they may never have met before.

Because a campfire in an ordinary city park is so unusual, when people come across such a fire they are surprised, amazed. They may feel that tonight, in the dark, they’ve seen something worth thinking about. It reminds them that their park, and perhaps their city, is beautiful. It may even make them boast, the way the young guys who use the basketball court beside our park’s fire circle boast: “Nobody else has a park like this one…nobody!”

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Take in the Fresh Air and Sunshine

Hiking is a beloved past time by many. Any morning you can look up your local mountain and see a steady stream of hikers along the trail. There’s something about being on the trail, feeling the wind brush against your skin and the sun beat against your back, that feeling has hikers constantly going back for more.

Here are a few reasons hiking should become your new past time. If it already is, I’m sure you can relate to these.

1. There’s only you and the land

Nothing else really matters when you are hiking in Florida, along the water or around a loop. The world seems to come to a standstill where your next step is really the only thing that matters.

2. You are surrounded by nature

Birds chirping, squirrels skittering along branches, tree leaves blowing in the wind. It’s a refreshing escape from day to day life.

3. It’s a great exercise

You know you’re going to be feeling the burn tomorrow. But at least you’re getting some amazing cardio in.

4. You can go alone or in a group

There are no rules to hiking, really. If you want to find inner peace on a trail, by all means, go alone as long as you go safely. If you’re looking for your group’s next social media worthy photo, then get your group of friends together and hit the trails!

5. Adventure is right around the corner

You never know what you’re going to encounter when you start a hike! You may find a sandhill crane along the trail, and maybe even 50 feet later encounter otters in the water. You may even encounter one of our rare Florida thunderstorms (kidding!). There’s really no way to predict what adventure your hike will bring you.

6. The feeling of accomplishment right after a hike

When can I go again!