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Biking Through Wekiva Falls

Camping and biking go hand in hand, but not every campground makes it easy for guests to enjoy a bike ride. If you want to enjoy a full day of pedaling before roasting your s’mores, you will love Wekiva Falls. With a path that winds throughout the resort, you’ll want to get out for a leisurely ride every day.

Early in the morning or around sunset is the perfect time to get out and enjoy the fresh air. What’s more, bicycling has many health benefits— no need to be restricted to the gym to exercise. Bicycling engages your legs, but it’s also easy on your joints. Not to mention how biking reduces stress in the body and in the mind.

According to medical professionals, a relaxing bike ride burns more calories than a brisk walk. Sometimes up to 281 calories per hour! You can even challenge yourself by pedaling a little faster for short sprints before returning to a leisurely pace. It’s a great way to supplement your relaxing daylight exercise.

Whether you’re recovering from a light injury, looking for light activity, or need a way to get active without running on cement, cycling is the smart choice because it gets your legs moving and your heart pumping without pounding your joints. Running takes a toll on the body. Biking, on the other hand, is far lower impact and engages the muscles in the legs without as much force coming down on the knees. So long as you keep your legs pumping on your bike, it ends up being a much smoother, lower risk form of cardio, especially if you’re recovering from an injury.

Even if you’re in amazing shape now, even weightlifters want to get outside. One of the best things about bicycling is that it mixes things up so your gym time stays fresh. Many lifters lift for years and spend their weeks being too stiff or too sore to enjoy other activities. The great thing about biking is you can do it day after day for the rest of your life.

Biking is a great way to explore and really get to know the area around you better. Most never really get to know the area around us because we’re always in cars. Even if you run outdoors, we rarely mix up our routes so you’re not getting close to the range of exploration that you can experience on your bike. Even if you decide to bike in areas you usually drive by, you might be surprised by what you notice and appreciate being outside taking it all in.

Oh, and the kids love it. The moment a child learns to ride a bike is an exciting moment. Do you remember when biking was your means of freedom in those earlier years? There’s so much to see and do as you bike through the campground of Wekiva Falls- from the wildlife to the fun and freedom.

Take in the great outdoors like a kid again and enjoy a leisurely bike ride through Wekiva Falls.


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Top Three RV Camping Tips

Unplugging from the world is the ultimate appeal for any camp enthusiast, or for someone looking to get away for the weekend. Before that can happen though, your phone will still come in handy to check out what RV campgrounds would be best.

Wekiva Falls RV Park is an excellent destination for campers to visit. There are plenty of amenities to enjoy at the Orlando RV Resort. But camp-goers always make the mistake and don’t correctly pack or plan for the trip. Here are a few tips you should consider before embarking on your getaway trip to Wekiva Falls.

Check the Weather
Even though Wekiva Falls’ Campground is open rain or shine, you should always check the weather. Some reports say, “The most important thing is staying warm and comfortable on your trip.” Multiple apps and sites allow you to look up the weather forecast in practically any location. Investing in quality equipment is also important in case of changes to the weather. It’s more important to be comfortable and safe, even if it means spending a few more bucks.

Travel With Less

Backpacking instructor Tom Lionvale’s best advice is to travel light. He states 20 pounds is the ideal weight when backpacking, not including food and water that may be needed. This also means needing to purchase less gear when RV camping. Be sure to check out seasonal sales! Outdoor equipment and gear tend to cost less around October since the peak camping season ends. Renting or borrowing is another viable option, especially if you are new to the RV camping lifestyle.

Make Your Own Rules

This is your trip, so have fun! Don’t spend money on unnecessary items, like a new camera or Apple Watch, unless you really want to! Budget your trip, pack the essentials, and be sure you are safe wherever you set up.


Wekiva Falls Resort Team May 5, 2018 3

The Beauty of Wekiva Falls

Wekiva Falls RV Resort gains its namesake from the capped sulfur spring that channels the water into a lagoon for swimming. The water “falls” to a sandy-bottomed stream by the Wekiva River. A man-made apron wraps around the lagoon for guests to lay on blankets and beach chairs. There’s even a water slide in the spring pool for kids! Along the ridge of the pool are shady pavilions with panic tables and benches to be spared by the summer sun.

The Wekiva River is the best attraction in the campground. The water is fed through multiple streams that flow north to the St. John’s River. A launch area allows canoe and kayak rentals to flow down the river, with the ability to even paddle upstream to roam through the gorgeous sub-tropical Wekiva River Aquatic Preserve.

Wekiva Falls campground offers 800 sites with over 20 shaded tent sites by the spring run banks. This area is popular with kids for the crystal clear, shallow, sand-bottomed stream.The campground is popular with snowbirds and summer day visitors and weekend campers. Every RV site offers hookups electric, cable, water, and sewer, with plenty of room for neighbors. A general store is also located on the property, carrying limited groceries and RV supplies. Another popular spot is the tiki bar that runs on weekends and holidays, serving cool, refreshing drinks.

There are several other natural areas around Wekiva Falls, including Seminole State Forest, Rock Springs Run State Reserve, and the Lower Wekiva River State Park, all consisting of miles and miles of hiking and biking trails. Each can be accessed from State Road 46, a mile of Wekiva River Road. The Orlando location also provides perfect access to all local theme park attractions, including Disney World and Sea World.

Wekiva Falls RV Resort is a sprawling community for any and all guests. The resort always manages to offer a little something for everyone. With summer events and winter activities, theme nights, shuffle board and pickle ball, and of course the beautiful Wekiva River, this area is the best of the best for the next summer getaway.


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Fun in the Sun

Florida summers are a time for heading to the beach, vacations, and being cool as much as possible! Those unaccustomed to the heat may be taken aback about the intense July mornings, but there are plenty of relaxing oasis’ out of the city temperature.

One of the more popular spots is the Wekiva River, located at Wekiva Springs State Park. The spring is fed by three different resources: Rock Springs, Wekiva Springs, and the spring lagoon at Wekiva Falls.

The Wekiva River is one of Florida’s two National Wild and Scenic Rivers, with Rock Springs Run and Blackwater being two major tributaries for the river. Paddling down all three rivers is easily possible. Those looking to paddle directly from the Wekiva River can rent kayaks or canoes at the Wekiva Springs State Park. Access is also available near Wekiva Island and Wekiva Falls RV Resort. Kayaks and canoe rentals are offered at both locations with an option to launch out on your on boat for a fee.

If you’re interested in something a little more active, the Seminole-Wekiva Trail at the Wekiva River Basin is a 14-mile ride from Sanford south to Altamonte Springs. Hikers, off-road bicyclists, and equestrians can explore the thousand of acres built on an abandoned railroad bed. Seminole State Forest, Rock Springs Run State Reserve, and Lower Wekiva River Preserve State Park are all accessible from State Road 46, west of Stanford. Rock Springs Run State Park offers 17 miles of trails for equestrians, but for those without a horse, guests can saddle up at Captain Jack’s Trail Rides by a barn on site. 25 miles of open road and trails are available for bikers in the forest with 20 miles open for hikers in the Lower Wekiva River State Park.

The Wekiva River Basin has several public and private campgrounds, including Wekiwa State Park, Kelly Park/ Rock Spring, and Wekiva Falls. RV and tent accommodations are offered at all locations, with Wekiva Falls providing almost 800 sites.


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Safety First: tips for RV Trip

RVing is quickly rising to be one the most popular travel options, especially among millennial’s. Who wouldn’t want to cruise along the open road with no bills to worry about? But to have a successful trip, you need to be prepared. RVing comes with its own tips and tools. Here are just some things that can help ensure your trip is as stress-free as possible.

Learn to Drive the RV You’re Using
Always have a practice drive first. Either rent an RV for a day or find another to try and drive. The reality is driving an RV has tons in common with driving a commercial big-rig truck. Braking, passing, accelerating are all different when driving an RV rather than a car.

RV Insurance and Road Service
Research what road services are specialized for RV’s. Some companies may not tow a trailer and it’s dangerous to leave your possessions on the road. Check how far a company will tow and if separate insurance is needed.

Check in with your campground a few hours before you arrive. If your reservations do get lost, have a list of other campgrounds nearby so there’s an alternative. If you’re canceling a reservation, call as soon as possible so a night of camping isn’t charged on your card.

Check Road Conditions, Construction, and Closures
Construction can cause a lot of headaches, especially for RV drivers. Check any websites that post about road closures, weather conditions, and construction. The US DOT Federal Highway Administration shows a map of the states. Simply click and follow the link for road conditions.

weather.com, NOAA, Weather Underground, and Road Trucker Weather Forecast are great websites to stay up-to-date. Finding a trucker’s lounge and asking some drivers about the wether is another good strategy. They are happy to help and, if there is bad weather, there will be plenty of discussions about it.

For RVing, proper weight distribution matters. You need to know the legal weight limit for your kind of RV to determine how much water and fuel to carry.

Electric Load
A typical RV has 30 amps of power. An RV can’t handle several items drawing power at once. Calculate how many amps your appliances draw at a time.

RVing is not for the faint of heart. It is not as simple as taking off down the road like you just got your license. Be sure to study up on other tips when learning to RV and be prepared as much as you can!