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Tips for Camping During the Holidays

Nothing brings a family together like a cold night and a warm fire. If you are planning to go camping during the winter holidays keep in mind that there are a few extra steps you will have to take. Here are a few tips to help make your camping trip stress-free.

Book Early

Campgrounds can get busy around holidays so if you want to secure a site you need to make a reservation. To have the best chance of getting a spot call as early as you can, especially if you want to be able to pick your spot. If you are going with a group and want your sites next to each other, make your reservation early.

Be mindful of traffic

With everyone traveling for the holidays you will want to leave for the campground early or find a place to stay nearby. Not only will you be dealing with traffic from those also going camping, but you will also have people on the road trying to get home for the holidays.

Leave your pets

If you are going to be camping during the new year be prepared for fireworks and sparklers. If your pet gets scared by fireworks, you may want to consider leaving them at home. If people have fireworks at the campsite you will not be able to bring them into a house to escape the noise.

Shop ahead of time

With children out of school for the holidays, lots of families take advantage of the free-time. Everyone shops ahead of time for their trips so if you wait too long everything you need might be sold out. Make sure to check all of your camping equipment to make sure you aren’t having to make any last minute trips to the store to get flashlights or batteries.

Keep track of the weather

When it comes to camping it is very important to keep an eye on the weather leading up to your trip. You do not want to be surprised by heavy snow or freezing temperatures. If you are going to be camping in snow or shine make sure you have the right equipment packed so that your trip can be enjoyable for you and your family. The colder it is going to be the more layers you should pack.

Make it festive

Toss aside the plain paper plates and cups and bring something a little more festive. Create holiday spirit with holiday-themed paper products so that even if you are not having a traditional holiday you still get to enjoy it. Bring hot cocoa and candy canes or plan a fun dessert that will make the day feel special and will get everyone in a jolly mood.