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Tips for Camping in the Winter

Pack Warm

When deciding what to pack think layers, a lot of layers. This is for clothes and for sleep. If your sleeping bag is not heavy enough make sure to pack extra blankets but make sure to check to see if they will fit in the sleeping bag. Next, you want your boots to not only be waterproof but also warm, the warmer the boots the fewer layers of socks you will have to wear. If you need to wear more than one pair of socks check that your feet can still fit into your boots. Don’t forget to pack gloves, scarves, and hats to keep every part of you warm.

Pack the right gear

Look into three-season sleeping bags and tents. These will be perfect to keep you dry and warm as long as there isn’t heavy snow. Gas stoves are recommended for camping in the winter but basic alcohol or canister stoves will often be enough. A secret tip is to put the cartridges in your sleeping bag or coat to warm them up before use. Although you may not expect to need it, bring sunblock and sunglasses. Snow reflects the sun and can burn you if you are not taking preventive measures. Finally pack lights and lots of batteries. The nights are longer in the winter and you will want to be able to make your way around the campsite and tent.

Keeping warm at the campgrounds

After going on a hike put on warm clothes. It is easier to stay warm than to re-warm and you will want to preserve the heat you generated during the hike. If there is snow on the ground when setting up your site flatten snow with boots or shovel before pitching your tent. Plan to be in your sleeping bag for most of the night. It will be cold, and you will probably want to stay bundled up especially once the sun goes down. Plan fun activities you can do while sitting down like board games or a book. If the cold begins to be too much go for a walk or run around in place to generate metabolic heat and to get your blood circulating. When you wake up the last thing you will want to do is leave the warmth of your sleeping bag. It is suggested to get up and go for a short walk or jog to get yourself warmed up to make it easier to get a start to your day.