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Tips to Keep Your RV Neat and Tidy

RV camping is an amazing experience for people of all ages. Being able to pack what you want and having your own little home on wheels, while exploring places all over the country can be a fantastic vacation idea. However, having a messy RV with unorganized items can completely ruin your trip. Having a well-kept space in your camper is important to having a positive camping experience, especially if you are bringing many people with you. Here are some great tips to keep your RV neat and tidy during your camping trip.

Designate Certain Spots

Having a specific spot for every item can help you find them easier in times of need. Things like bug spray, sunscreen, sunglasses, keys, baby wipes, flashlights, hats, and other small items can easily be misplaced. You can place these near a door or window, or you can organize them into plastic containers. Make sure they get put away in the same spot after each use.

Don’t Place Clothes in Bags

Having all your clothes in a duffle bag is normally the go-to packing method, but this is not the case for a camping trip on wheels. If you try to dig for certain clothes in your bag, shirts and shorts can end up all over the place. This is inefficient. Instead, place your clothes into clear containers and roll them to create more space. 

Keep Track of Laundry

You are probably used to throwing clothes in the laundry right away after a short time using them, but when it comes to camping, it’s okay to get away with wearing a pair of jeans twice or more. For example, you can assign a campfire outfit and a sleeping outfit that you could use for 2 or 3 days. With this method, laundry is not going to pile up so fast and most likely create a mess in the RV.

Have Reusable Bags

Backpacks are great for a spontaneous hiking trip or picnic and do not take up too much space. You should also bring a stash of reusable plastic shopping bags. For example, some campgrounds have pools and springs, and after a day of taking a swim, you might want to change in a bathroom nearby. Placing wet clothes and swimsuits in plastic bags can help you in this situation.

Take Advantage of Hanging Space

Your RV is likely to come with lots of hanging space, which can easily be forgotten. Using hooks for coats, helmets, vests, and more can save you lots of space. There are also special hangers that allow you to hang multiple items on one hanger, which is very efficient.

Don’t Procrastinate on Dishes

At home, you might leave the dishes in the sink for a few days, but this is not a smart thing to do on a camping trip. RVs already have compact spaces, so doing the dishes right away keeps the space neater and is less of a hassle to deal with.