Wevika Falls February 6, 2019 0

Why Millennials are Becoming More Acquainted with the RV Life

Sorry Baby Boomers, Millennials are currently the largest living population. They have changed a number of things in our world today like the way we watch shows and movies, eat avocados and communicate with each other. Now, the stereotype of Uncle Joe pulling up into the woods with his massive RV is dying out. Millennials are slowly becoming the new faces of RVing. Recently, RV’s sales have increased by over 15% in the United States, and this is starting to repaint the picture of camping and RV life. Can’t believe it? Well, here’s exactly why and what’s going on with this growing generation.

First things first, Millennials are seeking adventure.

The increase in RV sales is coming from the growth of Millennials and young families becoming more involved in outdoor life. Whether they’re RV camping or tent camping, many millennials are quite adventurous, looking for the perfect place to escape with their friends or post the perfect picture of a sunset from a mountain-top view.

According to Millennial Marketing, 50% of Millennials said they took four or more overnight trips in a year, and 69% said they crave adventure. This demographic is much more likely to take an adventurous trip than any other group. Camping can definitely be an adventurous excursion, and millennials are taking over.

They have the technology.

You might be wondering what exactly does this have to do with RVing, but it plays a huge role. With millennials having instant access to technology and the internet, they can still stay connected with their social and work life despite being on vacation. This enables millennials to work remotely, which means more time and freedom to go on a trip.

In fact, there has been a pretty common trend of millennials RVing permanently. For example, some young couples have ditched their houses and apartments to live on the road. When both partners can work remotely and have access to Wi-Fi, they can pretty much go wherever they want whenever they want, that living in a stationary home just stops making sense. Technology has allowed the younger generations to be more efficient than ever.

They are changing the industry.

Millennials have a particular way of doing several things like socializing and purchasing items, which is changing the camping industry as a whole. For example, the largest manufacturer of RVs in the U.S., Thor Industries, has come up with the term RUV’s (recreational use vehicles) for their smaller and lighter creations. These cater more toward millennials.

Also, campground owners are becoming aware of the new demographic stepping into the scene and are considering this group when looking at the layout of their campsites. Group camping is another growing trend lead by millennials, and campgrounds across the U.S. are adapting to their ways.

Millennials are massive game changers in society today. RVing has unexpectedly become a new and fresh trend, and it’s only improving. With technology becoming easier to access, the camping industry is sure to change in the next couple of years.