Water Park

Do you love the water? We do too! That's why Wekiva Falls Resort delivers an unmatched pool and river experience. The Oval is so impressive that it acts as a water attraction all on its own. With residents purchasing a day-pass just for the chance to visit. Wekiva Falls has e

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Summer Activities

Everyone wants to go on the summer family vacation of their dreams. Whether it's you and your partner, with your kids in tow, or if you're joining us with additional friends and family on the road. Finding the right summer destination that is both family-friendly and affordab

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Winter Activities

When the temperatures drop, our winter residents escape the winter cold by traveling south to Wekiva Falls. There's nothing like having the ability to relocate your RV to a more pleasant climate, especially during winter when all the weather maps turn various shades of ice bl

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Local Attractions

After the beautiful landscapes and incredible amenities, the deciding factor for many of our residents is our location. Wekiva Falls is seated between Daytona Beach and Orlando. We are a stone's throw away from all the attractions. They're all just around the corner. We're a

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