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The Beauty of Wekiva Falls

Wekiva Falls RV Resort gains its namesake from the capped sulfur spring that channels the water into a lagoon for swimming. The water “falls” to a sandy-bottomed stream by the Wekiva River. A man-made apron wraps around the lagoon for guests to lay on blankets and beach chairs. There’s even a water slide in the spring pool for kids! Along the ridge of the pool are shady pavilions with panic tables and benches to be spared by the summer sun.

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Fun in the Sun

Florida summers are a time for heading to the beach, vacations, and being cool as much as possible! Those unaccustomed to the heat may be taken aback about the intense July mornings, but there are plenty of relaxing oasis’ out of the city temperature.

One of the more popular spots is the Wekiva River, located at Wekiva Springs State Park. The spring is fed by three different resources: Rock Springs, Wekiva Springs, and the spring lagoon a...

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Vacationing with Man’s Best Friend

If you’re heading on a road trip, you may be wondering what happens to the family pet? Maybe they get to stay with a family friend, or perhaps they get a week at a fun doggy spa. But in some cases, the family pet is just too adorable not to bring along. In order to be prepared for such a choice, it’s important to make sure your furry friend is as comfortable as possible for the adventure.

Not sure how to help your dog adjust to the open r...

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Safety First: tips for RV Trip

RVing is quickly rising to be one the most popular travel options, especially among millennial’s. Who wouldn’t want to cruise along the open road with no bills to worry about? But to have a successful trip, you need to be prepared. RVing comes with its own tips and tools. Here are just some things that can help ensure your trip is as stress-free as possible.

Learn to Drive the RV You’re Using
Always have a practice drive...