Why Stay at a Kid-Friendly RV Resort?

When choosing stops along a route for an RV vacation, or when reviewing options for a destination or long-term stay, there’s no end to the options! Whittling down the categories can be a month-long endeavor or a quick Google as you approach an area. So what makes you choose one RV Resort over another? And why should you make the decision to stay at a kid-friendly RV resort?

One of the biggest reasons is to be surrounded by other travelers and day visitors who are looking for the same thing in a resort that you are. A kid-friendly RV resort has all the basics that you’d expect from an RV resort, and caters to the needs of adults, seniors, and especially children. If you are looking for a social experience where you’ll meet peers who enjoy travel and relaxation while keeping the kids entertained, there’s no better place to stay than a kid-friendly RV resort!

Wekiva Falls RV Resort in Sorrento, Florida, is proud to be a kid-friendly RV resort! When staying at Wekiva Falls, family vacationers, adult travelers, and day pass visitors will find lots of activities, play, and relaxation. Whatever you are looking for, you’ll find at Wekiva Falls! Parents can kick back and relax while kids enjoy The Falls, and everyone can boogie to our weekend DJ.

Looking for an exciting vacation spot just outside of Orlando, Florida? Look no further than Wekiva Falls!