Florida Camping: Essential Camping Tips for First-Timers

There are a lot of beautiful campgrounds to in the Central Florida area. Wekiva Falls is considered the crown jewel.

The Florida weather is just about perfect during our seasons. We have crisp hot afternoons for getting into the pool, and cool nights for gathering with friends.

One of those activities that are tailor-made for the fall in Florida is camping — especially tent camping. Whether you’re looking to try out a campground you’ve never been to or are tackling a first-time family camping trip in the near future, below are essential camping tips from a collection of local experts.

Did You Make a List?
There’s nothing worse than forgetting essential items so keep a checklist and mark things down as you pack. Items like bug spray, sunblock, pillows, ice, flashlights and batteries, chargers, and items for entertainment like card and board games, books and magazines in case it’s pouring outside.

Is Your Tent Big Enough?
Always check your tents capacity rating. If you’re traveling and sleeping six, be sure to get a tent that sleeps six. Don’t camp cramped!

Comfy Sleeping Mats?
There’s nothing worse than waking up with stiff joints, achy bones, or back discomfort. Never underestimate the power and comfort of a good air mattress or sleeping bag. Especially while tent camping. Uneven ground can lead to serious discomfort.

Safety Checks
You can call Wekiva Falls ahead to answer any questions you might have about wildlife, plant life, campground amenities, and more. Wekiva Falls is home to a wide variety of wildlife so if you have any questions, our team is standing by.

Gear Test
Set up your tent in your backyard, run a hose over it to check for any leaky spots. You’ll save yourself a lot of headaches later. Test your air mattresses and any other items like it to be sure it meets your comfort standards ahead of time.

Watch The Weather
Pay close attention to the weather in the days leading up to your RV Camping trip. If you know to expect rain or hot and humid weather ahead of time, you can prepare. And never underestimate chilly nights!

Get There Early
If you’re visiting a new campground for the first time, get there as early in the day as you can. The last thing you want to deal with is trying to set up tent camping in the dark. It’s dangerous to move around a new campsite in the dark. You could trip and fall or stumble onto wildlife.

Use Your Resources
Remember, the campground hosts at Wekiva Falls Campground and Resort to help with any questions and concerns. If you need help about your campground experience, reach out to our team.

That’s it! You’re ready for your trip to Wekiva Falls RV Campgrounds in beautiful Central Florida. Your dream vacation is only a phone call away.