Top 5 Camping Essentials for Beginners

Camping can be an exciting and life-changing activity, but it is important to have the proper items in order to make your experience safe and unforgettable for you, your friends, and your family. Remember to take these items with you when you pack your bags for your next camping trip.


Not all of us are skilled hunters or excellent cooks, and there isn’t always time to prepare a full meal when kayaking in a lake or taking a beautiful hike. Packing a few energizing snacks is the best way to fulfill hunger and keep you active throughout the day. Some great options include sandwiches, granola bars, dried fruit, trail mixes, bagels, almonds, peanut butter, apples, bananas, oranges, hummus, pretzels, and berries. You can also purchase food in the Mastodon Market at the Wekiva Falls RV Resort to save space in your bags. Oh, and don’t forget to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated.

First Aid Kit

You may think you have all the caution in the world, but accidents do occur unexpectedly on camping trips. Whether you are simply setting up a tent or paddle boarding on a river, a cut or scratch can definitely happen anywhere at any time. Remember to always have it with you during any excursion. Make sure you do some research beforehand on the activities you plan to participate in order to avoid injuries.


The flashlight on your phone is not going to do you justice when you are out in the wild. Packing a flashlight on your trip will assist you in many situations. You might decide to have a midnight snack in your tent or take a relaxing evening walk, so make sure to have one with you at all times. The best option is to go with is one that has LED lighting and features different settings to assist you in any circumstance.

Pocket Knife

This item may be the last on your mind, but it will surely come in handy whether you are tent camping or rv camping. You can use it to prepare a fire, peel fruit, open food packaging, cut gauze pads if an injury occurs, and more. It is convenient to have and does not take much space in your bag, but make sure it is kept somewhere safe and close at hand so you don’t lose it. For maximum preparation, you can purchase a multi-tool set which also includes scissors, wire cutters, pliers, and multiple types of knives.

Map and Compass

Sometimes we get lost in nature’s beauty, and although we may all have a GPS in our cars and cellphones, this isn’t always reliable. Most of the time, people take camping trips far from civilization, so the signal is not going to be promising. In this case, it’s time to go the old-fashion way and use a map and compass to guide you on your journey. When exploring the outdoors, it is important to keep an eye out on your surroundings and be aware of the trail you are taking.