Ditch the Hotel — Take an RV Vacation Instead

Hotels can be very overpriced and can limit you and your family or friends from doing certain activities. You might have thought about taking an RV vacation before, but it never happened. Well, it should. Here is why you should ditch the hotel idea, and go on an RV vacation instead.

You Can Still Have Home with You

RV camping gives you the best of both worlds. Yes, you are away from your house and on the road, but you still get to have the comfort of a kitchen, bed and seating area. RVs come in many different weights and sizes. Whether you decide to buy or rent, most of them come with all the basic necessities, and you can definitely find the perfect RV that suits you and your family.

Experience Nature

If you haven’t gotten the chance already, you should take you and your family out to see nature. The best part is that you still have the comfort of a home with you while being able to visit all kinds of RV parks, national parks, campgrounds and famous landmarks. Take the opportunity to get away from the city or suburbs and reconnect with the beautiful things the planet has to offer. It never hurts to get a few breaths of real, fresh air.

Activities are Endless

The best thing an RV offers is that you can do almost any outdoor activity with no limitations. Some hotel resorts have outdoor activities too, but there are always limits to them like the times they’re open and the options that are offered.

When you go on an RV trip, you have full access to do the activities you want whenever you want. Take the entire family hiking, water rafting, fishing and canoeing. You can even go for a swim in fresh water, ride bikes wherever you want and play sports like soccer or golf. Just make sure to be aware of certain rules and regulations if you are at a campground or national park.

The Lifestyle Brings People Together

Experiencing the outdoor environment and doing activities that are completely different from the regular routines at home can bring people together. Friends and relatives of any age can enjoy nature and connect with each other on a different level.

Distractions like the internet and TV are not going to be that easy to access when you are out in nature. Eliminating these things can grow better relationships with people.

More to Explore

You are going to be driving an RV, which means you can go absolutely anywhere. You could spend one day here and three days there. A hotel room limits you to the distance you can travel and the places you could explore. Everything you need is in your RV plus you have endless roads that could lead to your next big adventure.

Cook While on Vacation

This is helpful if you have a certain diet or allergies that limit your food options. Usually, a hotel room only has a microwave and a mini-fridge, and buying food every day can be expensive. With an RV, you can have a stove and a fridge to cook your favorite meals on the road.